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Hydronic Heating & Cooling




Often described as “the perfect heat”, radiant heating systems warm objects as opposed to air. Compared to conventional forced air systems, occupants tend to feel more comfortable. Radiant floor heating is also a more efficient method of heating, especially when coupled with a Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump, due to its lower temperature requirements than other distribution methods.


Energy 1 Services is a member of the Thermal Environmental Comfort Association (TECA), where we have certified, registered designers, and experienced installers.



Building climates can be easily and efficiently cooled using radiant systems. However, unlike radiant heating, humidity and the subsequent potential for floor condensation must be considered and controlled. Radiant cooling is also best coupled with a Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump to maximize efficiency and occupant comfort. Energy 1 Services has the expertise to design and install these systems.



When in-floor radiant systems are not practical, radiant (low temp) and convective (high temp) baseboards can be used. Some manufacturers offer low profile radiant baseboards that appear very similar to normal wood baseboards for a seamless look. Energy 1 Services offers many solutions to suit all our clients needs.



A water-to-water heat exchanger is an extremely efficient method for heating chlorine or saltwater pools or spas, especially when coupled with a geothermal heat pump or high efficiency condensing boiler.



Where snow or ice is a concern, a snowmelt system for driveways or walkways, is a good option and made more efficient when coupled with a geothermal heat pump or high efficiency condensing boiler.



Indirect fired stainless steel hot water tanks provide a number of benefits including lasting longer than conventional hot water tanks, have a higher efficiency (typically 85-90%) when indirectly heated by condensing boilers in comparison to natural draft appliances, are generally more hygienic than conventional tanks, and have good insulation levels to reduce standby losses.


Partial domestic hot water heating needs can be supplied by a geothermal ground source heat pump through a “desuperheater” system. A solar domestic hot water heating system can also offset a significant portion, in some cases all, of domestic hot water heat needs, depending on the season.



High efficiency condensing natural gas or propane boilers are often used when high temperature water is required and cannot be met by other hydronic heat sources (such as indirect fired hot water tanks or convective baseboards), where an auxiliary or back-up heating system is required, or where alternative energy systems are unpractical.


In low temperature applications such as snowmelt, pools, radiant floors, or radiant baseboard applications, condensing boilers can see efficiencies as high as 98%.


When natural gas and propane are not available, a 100% efficiency electric boiler can be used as a back-up or primary heat source.


Energy 1 Services has the expertise to match the right boiler to suit specific heating requirements. We also have manufacturer training for IBC, Lochinvar Knight, & Viessmann Vitodens Boilers.

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